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Pilot monitoring

Pilot monitoring based on Annex II of JMD Y2 / 2600/2011-892 B / 07.01.11), as amended and in force.

Purpose of pilot monitoring is to obtain data necessary to assess water quality (organoleptic and microbiological) before human consumption.

Equally important is the information obtained regarding the effectiveness of drinking water treatment/disinfection – if applicable.

Physicochemical parameters Microbiological parameters
pH Total Viable Count (TOC) 22oC
Conduction Total Viable Count (TOC) 37oC
Taste Total coliforms
Odor Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Colour Enterococcus intestinal
Turbidity Pseudomonas aeruginosa (water traded in bottles / cans)
Ammonium Clostridium perfringens (only when total water volume is influenced by surface water)
Residual chlorine (only when used for the disinfection method of chlorination)
Nitrite (only when used to disinfect chloramination)
Iron (only when used as a flocculant)
Aluminium (only when used as a flocculant)