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Instructions 2000/60 / EU and 91/493 / EU, specify necessary analyzes for quality control of aquacultures.
In regard to these instructions analysis packages have been created for sediment collected from full depth.

Legionella is a waterborne microrganism causing a serious disease known as the Pontiac fever causing the even more serious Legionnaires disease.

At this point, sophisticated analyzes are performed when there is suspicion of the following risk factors.

Audit monitoring under Annex II of JMD Y2 / 2600/2011 to -892 B / 11.07.01), as amended and in force.
Purpose of audit monitoring is to provide necessary information to determine whether all the parametric values set by legislation are met.

Pilot monitoring based on Annex II of JMD Y2 / 2600/2011-892 B / 07.01.11), as amended and in force.

Purpose of pilot monitoring is to obtain data necessary to assess water quality (organoleptic and microbiological) before human consumption.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification system, by physicochemical and microbiological hazards. It includes a synthetic membrane, through which water is being filtered with normal urban network pressure.
Only water molecules pass through the specific material of this membrane, and collected absolutely clean, filtered as water on the other side.